Papanui Station

Our Location

Situated on Papanui Station, Boomrock sits high above the rugged coastline, surrounded by beautiful untouched native bush. The South Island provides an incredible backdrop with views stretching to Mount Taranaki on a clear day.

Capital Kiwi

We are proudly supporting the mission to restore a large-scale kiwi population to our own backyard. Working with existing council and community groups, over 4,000 traps have been set spanning 23,000 hectares to the south and west of Wellington.

Trapping is targeted at stoats. Adult kiwi can fight them off, however juvenile kiwi are vulnerable. As recently as August of 2020, the Capital Kiwi team found no stoats on Papanui Station (Boomrock). We hope to release 6 to 8 breeding pairs of kiwis by 2022.

Our Promise

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

At Boomrock we are committed to protecting our environment and have developed a plan to manage our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. In conjunction with the New Zealand Government, we have dedicated 90ha of coastal land surrounding The Lodge to the regeneration of native flora and the reintroduction of fauna through the Capital Kiwi program. We are focusing on conservation, sustainable use, and regeneration for the continued improvement of the property for present and future generations.

To achieve this on the property and with our community we will:
To support this we will:
Our History

Four Generations

In the early 1920’s and after serving in WW1, Captain John Eastwick set sail from the United Kingdom for New Zealand. By 1926, he had purchased and settled upon Papanui Station. In 1955, the Captain’s son Dick and wife Peg took over Papanui and the running of the farm. They had a vision to protect the pristine environment and continued to successfully develop the farm by purchasing surrounding land.

Jonny and Mildy Eastwick took over the farm in 1988. Realising the challenges of the land but the beauty it had to offer, they couldn’t resist sharing this spectacular property. This inspired them to launch Boomrock Lodge in 1997, develop The Track in 2002 and create The Bunkers in 2009.

The fourth generation of Eastwick’s to grace the land, Tom knew he was destined to stay on the farm. Like his father, he wanted to share this gem of a place with the world. After returning from living in the UK he created the concept of Pipinui Point, a luxury coastal retreat, developing it from the ground up, opening in September 2020.

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